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Gustavus Adolphus:

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(Gustavus Adolphus), 1594–1632, king of Sweden (1611–32), son and successor of Charles IX. Military Achievements

Gustavus's excellent education, personal endowments, and early experience in affairs of state prepared him for his crucial role
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Gustavus Adolphus

, Gustavus II
1594--1632, king of Sweden (1611--32). A brilliant general, he waged successful wars with Denmark, Russia, and Poland and in the Thirty Years' War led a Protestant army against the Catholic League and the Holy Roman Empire (1630--32). He defeated Tilly at Leipzig (1631) and Lech (1632) but was killed at the battle of L?tzen
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Gustavus Adolphus Rush III, father of the groom, served as best man.
If I add that he is able to give both a detailed account of this immensely complex war and due summaries when needed, and that his treatment of larger than life figures such as Wallenstein, Gustavus Adolphus, Olivares, and Richelieu is worthy of the greatest historians of the past, one will understand why this ponderous but always elegant book will remain for a long time the definitive reference tool on the subject.
Another high was Jones steering the underrated and magnificently named Bernard Scriven's Gustavus Adolphus to victory in a low-grade chase at Taunton more than 20 years ago.
During the 1600's for example, King Gustavus Adolphus armed a good portion of his cavalry with the revolutionary Kalthoff repeating carbine.
Evelyn recorded that she was of 1,000 tons, with 96 guns; the newsbook, Mercurius Politicus, reported that she boasted 100 guns; while the Venetian ambassador described her variously as carrying 115 and 120 guns and as having been built regardless of cost, of marvellously rich construction.' Modern historians tend to accept a slightly lower estimate of 80 or 86 guns, a crew of 500 men and a displacement of around 1,200 tons, Even the more sober accounts show her to have been an impressive ship, similar in size and opulence to the famous Vasa of Sweden's King Gustavus Adolphus (which was launched and sank in 1628), but with superior firepower.
Vicki Haugen, RN, MPH, CWOCN, OCN, FCN, received a Bachelor of Arts in Nursing degree from Gustavus Adolphus College in St.
Russell, Gustavus Adolphus College
At Gustavus Adolphus College (Minn.), students can be evaluated at a satellite influenza clinic, explains Director of Health Service Heather Dale.
While speaking at the 2009 Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College in St.
However, the chapter on the Age of Battle is probably the weakest of the six, trying to draw grand parallels between two centuries' worth of commanders, from Gustavus Adolphus to Napoleon.
His stops included Gustavus Adolphus College in St.