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One of the first "aha" moments for Huggett came when she picked up a violin with gut strings instead of the steel-wound strings common on contemporary violins.
A metal lawn tennis racquet (below) with gut strings (which may be a later addition) has come to light bearing the trade symbol Premier made by the Coventry company Hillman, Herbert and Cooper.
If paper was expensive, the cost of gut strings was simply extortionary.
I was amused that the maker of the bass gut strings merited a mention equal to those of the instrument makers.
Gut strings on a Stradivarius cello - a special treat - from Steven Isserlis on his performance of Schumann's Cello Concerto.
A We play with very little vibrato, and the gut strings and bows have a very earthy, physical and immediate character.
They're gut strings tied to leather around a fretless round neck.
The difference wasn't a matter of historically informed performing style - gut strings, lower pitch and less vibrato - but of phrasing, shaping and rubato.
Textures come up bright and clear under Francois-Xavier Roth's conducting of the sparky Les Siecles orchestra, with gut strings so strikingly forward -- and, paradoxically, liberating the winds, not least grunting bassoons, as well as roaring timpani and well-focused brass, to sound so immediate.