GutiéRrez Solana, José

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GutiéRrez Solana, José


Born Feb. 28, 1886, in Madrid; died there Apr. 24, 1945. Spanish painter.

Gutiérrez Solana studied at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. His realist art, which reflects expression-istic influences, is marked by severity, grotesquely expressive imagery, and a gloomy, unsettling palette. The artist mainly depicted poor Spanish peasants, fishermen, and beggars (The Return From Fishing, c. 1922; Spanish Museum of Modern Art, Madrid), as well as Spanish cultural figures (Informal Gathering in the Pombo Café, 1920).


Sánchez-Camargo, M. Solana: Vida y pintura, 2nd ed. Madrid, 1962.
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