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Mexico: see Ciudad GuzmánCiudad Guzmán
, city (1990 pop. 72,619), Jalisco state, SW Mexico. It is a marketing and processing center, especially for hogs, with some minor industries. The city is the starting point for ascents of the Nevado de Colima (14,235 ft/4,339 m) and the smoking volcano,
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I shall be told that the jousts of Suero de Quinones, him of the 'Paso,' and the emprise of Mosen Luis de Falces against the Castilian knight, Don Gonzalo de Guzman, were mere mockeries; as well as many other achievements of Christian knights of these and foreign realms, which are so authentic and true, that, I repeat, he who denies them must be totally wanting in reason and good sense.
The door was still tight shut, however; the same cold cheerless air prevailed: and the building looked as if the marble statue of Don Guzman could alone have any business to transact within its gloomy walls.
MAZATLAN, Mexico Sun Feb 23, 2014(Reuters) - Mexico's most wanted man, drug cartel kingpin Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, was captured on Saturday with help from U.
The governing board voted 3-2 to oust Ana "Cha" Guzman from her $180,000-a-year position.
A US federal judge on Thursday set a Sep 5 trial date for Joaquin Guzman, the Mexican drug lord known as "El Chapo" who is jailed in the United States on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges.
Two former Caloocan policemen charged for the killing of two teenagers insisted yesterday that the body found floating in a creek in Gapan, Nueva Ecija was not that of 14-year-old Reynaldo 'Kulot' de Guzman.
Eulbert de Guzman, 26, manager of Domino's Pizza parlor, was walking toward a convenience store beside the Bulacan provincial capitol here at 3:30 a.
Mexican authorities yesterday arrested a high-ranking drug trafficker whose power struggle with the sons of El Chapo Guzman has set off wave of violence.
amp;nbsp;Mexico's foreign ministry previously said it had received assurances that if convicted, Guzman would not receive the death penalty.
El hijo del Chapo Guzman levantado el lunes 15 por un comando armado tiene un proceso abierto y una orden de detencion en su contra en Estados Unidos.
En un primer momento se intenta mostrar que las ideas de Guzman deben ser leidas en funcion del contexto politico y de su anticomunismo.
Mexican cartel kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is one step closer to facing charges in the United States after Mexico's secretariat of foreign relations, or SRE, said the Sinaloa cartel boss can be extradited.