György Klapka

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Klapka, György


Born Apr. 7, 1820, in Temesvár (Timişoara); died May 17, 1892, in Budapest. Hungarian military officer; participant in the Revolution of 1848–49.

In 1848, Klapka took part in the creation of a Hungarian national army. From February to April 1849 troops under his command won a number of victories over the Austrian armies (at Kápolna and Nagysalló). In May 1849, he became commandant of the fortress of Komárom. After Gorgey’s capitulation on Aug. 13, 1849, Klapka surrendered Komárom to the Austrians (October 5) and emigrated. He returned to Hungary after the amnesty of 1867 and was elected a deputy to the National Assembly.


Memoiren: April bis Oktober 1849. Leipzig, 1850.