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, gerfalcon
a very large rare falcon, Falco rusticolus, of northern and arctic regions: often used for hunting
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(Faleo gyrfalco), a bird of the family Falconidae, order Falconiformes. Body length, 50-60 cm. Male’s weight, up to 1.5 kg; female’s, up to 2 kg. The plumage is gray, or white with gray markings. The gyrfalcon is distributed in Northern Europe, Asia, and North America. It lives on rocky seacoasts and in forest tundra. Gyrfalcon mates stay together for many years. They nest on rocks, steep shores, or high trees. There are three to five brownish eggs with red spots in each clutch, which are incubated mainly by the female for 28-29 days. The young leave the nest at about two months. Gyrfalcons feed mainly on birds that they capture on the wing; more rarely they catch lemmings, voles, and hares. Gyrfalcons were highly prized as hunting birds in falconry. They are scarce everywhere and need to be protected.

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With long broad wings, a long square tail, long stout toes, and massive pectoral muscles the gyr falcon is an immensely strong and powerful hunting bird.
It is believed the white-faced gyr falcon - which has a wing span of five feet - may have been blown off course during recent northerly gales.
However, the most valuable and desired species in Arab falconry is the gyr falcon. (29,30) The low number of individuals of this species within the study was due to the difficulty in breeding this species in captivity and their high price, making them less accessible to many falconers.
One gyr falcon twice removed the cap covering the external tip of the tube.
A Greenland gyr falcon is white to match its Arctic surroundings, delicately marked with black on wings and back with bright yellow talons.
ventricular foreign body, rigid endoscopy, ingluviotomy, avian, gyr falcon, Falco rusticolus
The men spend their spare time keeping ornithologists and scientists at the University of Aberdeen abreast of the latest movements of black-browed albatrosses or white gyr falcons.
(26) In one particular outbreak in a group of 12 gyr falcons in the United Arab Emirates, affected falcons made a clacking sound with the beak and the tongue repeatedly at the onset of the infection, followed rapidly by the clinical signs described (J.
She prefers working with Gyr falcons as the first falcon she had was a Gyr.
For the past three years, the club has been organising an annual competition to choose the most beautiful and biggest falcons raised in captivity, including Lanner, Peregrine and Gyr falcons, with the aim of promoting the use of hybrid birds in falconry.
Mark hunts primarily with peregrine and gyr falcons. These are the Ferraris of the falconry world, capable of diving 200 mph.
Arterial and venous blood gas analysis was performed in 30 healthy gyr falcons (Falco rusticolus) under anaesthesia to establish temperature-corrected reference intervals for arterial blood gas values and to compare them to temperature-corrected venous blood gas values with a portable point-of-care blood gas analyzer (i-STAT 1, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL, USA).