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A waveguide component that uses a ferrite section to give zero phase shift for one direction of propagation and 180° phase shift for the other direction; in other words, it causes a reversal of signal polarity for one direction of propagation but not for the other direction. Also known as microwave gyrator.
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a directional phase shifter, a microwave device. This device creates a half-wave phase change of electromagnetic waves propagating in opposite directions. Gyrators are used as a component in various microwave devices, such as gates, modulators, circulators, and switches. The operating principle of gyrators is based on the irreversible properties of magnetized ferrite; these properties cause rotations of polarization plane, phase shift, and so on. The simplest kind of gyrator consists of a circular radio waveguide that contains an appropriately dimensioned, magnetized ferrite rod (magnetized in a magnetic field of a previously determined intensity). A circular waveguide is coupled to a rectangular waveguide by matching transitions.


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