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CUTLINE: A 2,800-pound H-beam that was part of the wreckage from the World Trade Center towers that fell in New York City on Sept.
The company shipped 61,500 metric tons of deformed bars, 31,000 metric tons of H-beams, and 47,500 metric tons of wire rods in June.
Another is a small H-beam design, which is a structural strut from the inside regions to the outside regions of the thruster engine.
They feature a single H-beam thrust frame and new carriage, gearbox and hydraulic motor, and wrench designs.
Ma Gang is one of China's largest iron and steel producers and the largest H-beam producer in China.
In addition, both Feng Hsin and Tung Ho have also raised the prices for steel H-beam by NT$700 (US$21.
Taipei, March 2, 2010 (CENS)--Thanks to the rise in scrap steel prices internationally, domestic manufacturers of round bar steel and H-beam steel, including Feng Hsin Iron & Steel Co.
Tenders are invited for Shifting of 11KV LT line 100 KVA DTR DP and TP structure on PCC pole at Ujjaini distt Dhar and 11KV and LT line height raising at road crossing on H-beam pole at Ujjaini Lebad Manpur Road
Tenders are invited for ADEN-AWR subdivision- Through renewal of existing channel sleepers by providing H-Beam sleepers for providing rail free fastening system at bridge no.