In radar, a B-display modified to include indications of the angle of elevation. The target appears as two closely spaced blips, which approximate a short bright line, the slope of which is in proportion to the sine of the angle of elevation. The left blip indicates the azimuth and the right blip the elevation. Also called an H-scan, H-scope, or H-indicator. See also B-display.
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Proactive ageing cure, the official said, should begin when a patient is in the mid-40s or early-50s: "Nowadays, there is a test, the H-Scan, which helps tabulate the functional age of a person."
The H-scan machine measures 12 physical biomarkers, spanning four functions.
Kalban said: "We recently introduced the H-Scan machine which is a state-of-the-art computer based system that tabulates the functional age of the person.