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Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)

A collection of measured drawings, photographs, and records of American buildings, constructions, and sites that (a) are of particular historic interest, significance, or are representative of a particular architectural style; (b) represent important methods of construction; (c) were designed by a major architect; and/or (d) are typical of work by an ethnic group within the United States. Housed in the Library of Congress, HABS represents an important, useful, and significant resource. Address: National Park Service, Department of the Interior, P.O. Box 37127, Washington, DC 20013-7127.
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I am plotting my data and looking for patterns to identify and clarify the key growth factors and processes that spawn Pseudo-nitzschia HABs. These patterns can exist in time, such as a bloom that occurs only in the summer.
The company disclosed the impact of HAB to Muscat Securities Market and its investors on Sunday.
Through the Governor's HABS initiative, the state has developed 12 action plans to address the causes of HABs in certain waterbodies.
However, not all red tides, or harmful algal blooms (HAB), produce the light display. A popular HAB occurs every year off Florida's Gulf Coast, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
The level of hidden IgG antibodies (HAbs) was calculated as the difference between the levels of anti-TF IgG (OD values) in tIgG and serum.
To contain this HAB, Florida has been taking extreme measures.
In addition to the No Action alternative, in the draft EA, NOAA identified the alternatives as consisting of physical and chemical methods to prevent, control, and mitigates harmful algae blooms (HABs).
Researchers long have known that high nitrogen and phosphorus levels are the actual causes of HABs, which choke freshwater ecosystems and render the water toxic but, when it comes to the various environmental factors that can amplify the amount of these nutrients in the water, or aid or hamper the spread of algae, the relationships are much more complex.
HABs come in a variety of forms and cause harm in different ways.
In 1973, CHS became the designated repository for copies of California HABS documentation, acquiring a large trove of records from the San Francisco offices of the National Park Service, Western Region.
The Ohio Department of Health's link is at HABs is on their Beach Monitoring page at http://www.odh.ohio.