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For rulers of Norway thus named, use Haakon.
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The Haco accounting scandal came nearly 10 years after the firm found itself in a tight spot over the 2006 collapse of Uchumi Supermarkets.
beaucoup moins que] Disposant d'un site industriel de 8 000 metre carres et d'un savoir-faire historique dans la fabrication de bateaux et de pieces composites [beaucoup plus grand que], la societe HACO emploie 149 cadres et ouvriers tunisiens et s'approvisionne en tres grande partie aupres de distributeurs et de sous-traitants tunisiens, des produits 100 % finis en Tunisie et livre 3 nouvelles unites de 12 metres de long par mois.
Haco Dobson was the uncle of 89-year-old Joan Loftus, who was among the relatives who travelled to the ceremony, where they received the British flag from representatives of the Royal Navy.
HACO has been committed to sustainability in the following ways: All resources are constantly optimized thanks to our energy controlling system; In view of a better environmental compatibility we are using natural gas whenever possible; Waste heat is reintegrated into the manufacturing processes by recovery equipment; New buildings are insulated using up-dated state-of-the-art technology and equipped with building control systems to ensure the best ecological and economical operation; Part of our electricity is obtained by our own solar power system; Our logistic operations are made with priority by rail; Our packing material is, whenever possible, compact, poor in toxic elements and recyclable; and all our organic waste is disposed of in ecological compost-fermentation facilities.
Brands: Hacosoft, Hacofill, Hacoloft, Hacolux, Hacoflex, Hacotex, Haco
Even on the day of Nawroz on March 21--a special day for many Central Asian and Middle Eastern peoples to welcome the spring season which in recent years Kurds recognize as their national holiday-people did not respond to the PKK's call even though famous singers such as Ibrahim Tatlises and Civan Haco easily reach hundreds of thousands at their public concerts.
Asi, nuestro autor latiniza Eirikr como Ericus, o Halfdan como Haldanus, Hakon como Haco, Frodi como Frotho, o Fridleifr como Fridlevus, que en nuestra traduccion trascribimos como Erico, Haldano, Hacon, Froton o Fridlevo, respectivamente.
In addition to publishing the children's journal, Young Australia, which she had purchased from its founder, Louisa Lawson, Fotheringhame published occasional books for children, such as Sir Valdemar the Ganger: A Tale of the Days of King Haco (1904) which she had written herself.
France, mechanical presses), SCMB (France, both types of presses), Haco (Holland), and Bourgonorm (France).
The barnacle goose does not mate or reproduce; Sweyn had a son, Haco.