high blood pressure

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high blood pressure:

see hypertensionhypertension
or high blood pressure,
elevated blood pressure resulting from an increase in the amount of blood pumped by the heart or from increased resistance to the flow of blood through the small arterial blood vessels (arterioles).
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It has been reported that HBP is associated with behavioral, biological and hereditary characteristics (12).
By combining the HyPET HPP5 platform with an advanced melt delivery system and sophisticated controls, Husky says the Multi-Layer Technology delivers all-new capability that enables the most precise distribution of Verian HBP within a multi-layer preform.
The European Society of Hypertension practice guideline on HBP monitoring suggests that HBP values <130/80 mm Hg may be considered normal, while a mean HBP [greater than or equal to] 135/85 mm Hg is considered elevated.
Purification of HBPs from seminal plasma and verification of binding of SP-HBP to spermatozoa
The independent variables retained were age, sex, marital status, type of home, level of education, profession, monthly income, health insurance, severity of the illness, type of treatment, number of tablets prescribed per day, number of tablet taken per day, presence of side effects to antihypertension drug treatment, presence of HBP complications, and patient's knowledge on HBP (causes, treatment, and complications).
Fourth generation HBP was prepared in our laboratory and the properties were previously reported.
The epithelial lining of HBP mucosa showed moderate to severe dysplasia with increased cellularity of dysplastic cells with obvious features of loss of adhesion of spinous cells, pleomorphic and hyperchromatic nuclei, abnormal mitosis and individual cell keratinization.
The services and infrastructures of the HBP will successively include more European partners and will be made available step-by-step to the pan-European neuroscience community.
Are there significant health differences in CVD and HBP among adult African American and Caucasian men and women in the selected rural underserved communities in Georgia?
In October the HBP board commissioned a review from a panel chaired by Dr.
The new partners will carry out specific research tasks, collecting data, developing theoretical frameworks and performing the technical development work necessary for the future development of the HBP.
Folks over 60 with HBP should start antihypertensive medications when their systolic (or top) number reaches 150 or higher OR when the diastolic (or bottom) number is 90 or higher.