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The current study was planned to assess the levels in the blood of soluble P-selectin (sPS), soluble CD40 ligand (sCD40L), beta thromboglobulin (BT) and platelet factor 4 (PF4) in patients with HBT.
With a deep sense of disappointment, we have to inform you that we have been left with no option but to walk out from Haldia Dock Complex with immediate effect," HBT CEO Gurdeep Malhi said in a statement.
HBT Communications was a also a finalist in this year's Coventry Telegraph Business Awards.
Unfortunately, thermal effects can significantly affect HBT performance, particularly with multi-finger HBTs where self-heating in a unit emitter finger and the thermal coupling among the fingers can lead to non-uniform temperature distributions.
The highly efficient, highly linear devices expand TriQuint's HV-HBT portfolio, and when paired with TriQuint's high power HBT devices, provide a complete RF solution for 3G/4G high power amplifier (HPA) mobile infrastructure designs.
The D5 InGaP HBT process offers an advantage of a wider (2x) frequency tuning range, in addition to maintaining the super low phase noise performance offered by our already successful D1 VCO process , commented Brian Ann, Chief Executive Officer of GCS.
The deal will see 170 staff at the three sports centres wear the HBT Communications logo on their uniforms.
Here we present the prospective data from the nine most recent false-positive hCG cases where we used the HBT blocking agent and also from five retrospective, or previous, cases (from both stored frozen serum and subsequently provided serum samples) reassayed both with and without the HBT blocking agent (cases 10-14).
From the late 1980s to the present, several major aerospace companies have developed advanced GaAs-based heterostructure technologies, including HEMT and HBT technology.
Under the agreement, Kopin will fulfill all 4-inch-diameter and the vast majority of 6-inch-diameter HBT wafer requirements of Skyworks through July 2010.
As a consequence of Kolkata port's repeated breaches of the contract and its failure to ensure a safe and conducive work environment, HBT was constrained to inform the port on Oct 31 of its decision to immediately terminate its contract for operation in HDC.