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Operations of HBT, which handles cargo with mechanised cranes in berth No 2 and No 8 at the Haldia Dock Complex, had been stopped since mid-September.
Zamrad Hussian, managing director at HBT Communications, said: "This award is testament to the hard work and effort that we have put in to building our business and providing our clients with solutions that directly address their requirements.
We also tested aliquots from an individual whose plasma had shown extremely high values for PRL, LH, and FSH after HBT treatment by a different methodology (Abbott Architect) and after 1-in-2, 1-in-4, and 1-in-8 dilution of untreated and HBT-treated samples (Access assays).
The rapid growth of advanced multi-mode phones requiring multiple power amplifiers, combined with an increasing cell phone user base, bodes well for healthy growth in HBT power amplifier markets.
HBT has worked closely with Coventry Sports Foundation since the early 1990s and has recently set-up a central booking and telephone system for the charity.
The finding that the HBT blocking agent blocked all 11 serum samples that gave false-positive results confirms that heterophilic antibodies are the source of the assay interference.
Jay Hatfield, managing director at CIBC Oppenheimer comments, "Although we are very sorry to see Michael Burke leave, we are excited about the prospects for HBT and believe he will be an outstanding addition to their senior management team.
We have begun shipment of 6-inch HBT wafers produced in our IC MOCVD systems, and customer response to the quality of these wafers has been extremely favorable," said Daily Hill, Kopin's senior vice president and general manager of HBT business.
In view of the aforesaid, HBT is left with no option but to retrench its 348 employees with effect from today," Gurpreet Malhi, CEO, Haldia Bulk Terminals Private Limited said in a media statement here.
A joint venture between ABG-LDA and Kolkata Port Trust, HBT, operates two mechanised berths (No 2 and 8) for dry bulk cargos.
During the fourth quarter of 1996, HBT sold servicing rights to GNMA loans with unpaid principal balances totaling approximately $2.
We also expect momentum in our HBT business to be driven by growth in WiFi and WiMAX networking equipment.