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a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs of the Guttiferae family, previously attributed to the family Hypericaceae.

The leaves of Garcinia are large, oblong or oval, and coriaceous. The flowers are small and either solitary or gathered into small inflorescences. The fruits are globose, the size of an apple or cherry, with a thick rind outside and juicy septate flesh within. There are about 220 species, primarily in tropical Asia and Africa. The fruits of several species of Garcinia, such as the mangosteen, are edible. A number of Asiatic species yield gamboge, a gum resin. Kokum butter, used in food and in the preparation of colors, is obtained from the seeds of G. indica. Several species of Garcinia yield valuable wood.


Siniagin, I. I. Tropicheskoe zemledelie. Moscow, 1968.
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Fitch's key assumptions within the rating case for HCA include:
The GAO, however, stressed that DoD had no separate authority for conducting HCA overseas with two exceptions: (1) an Economy Act transaction (i.
By agreeing a package with the HCA, providers will be able to convert a proportion of their existing homes to affordable rent, using the additional revenue to deliver new affordable housing for the future.
Because of the tremendous amount of visibility HCA missions receive in the host country, maximizing on the impact through coordinated information plans and public affairs efforts is a force multiplier that enhances the operational and strategic-theater objectives of the mission.
Other studies by Gray's group have turned up another nutritious HCA inhibitor that won't affect taste--vitamin E.
He subsequently served as facility CFO for three HCA hospitals, Division CFO in three HCA divisions, and has been in his current position since 2005.
Nashville-based HCA is one of the nation's providers of healthcare services, operating 171 locally managed hospitals and 119 freestanding surgery centres in 20 states and the United Kingdom.
Expect Stable Leverage: Fitch forecasts that HCA will produce discretionary FCF of about $2 billion in 2016, and will prioritize use of cash for organic investment in the business and share repurchases.
David's retained the unilateral right to dissolve the partnership with HCA if the hospitals' operations failed to meet that standard.
For all other services, Blue Cross members need to talk to their physicians about where they are admitted,'' HCA spokeswoman Leslie Kelsay said.
Its most economical source is the tropical fruit garcinia cambogia, which has become synonymous with HCA.
Such forward-looking statements only speak as of the date of this press release and HCA assumes no obligation to update the information included in this press release.