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Na tabela 2 foram representados os resultados da matriz de correlacao realizada com os dados de idade, altura, peso, circunferencia da cintura, indice da massa corporea (IMC) e de concentracao de HCY.
The HCY, he explained, had about 54 projects in the pipeline, each with its own objectives, real partners and measurements of strategic output performance.
MS catalyzes the conversion of HCY to methionine which, in the presence of ATP, can be further converted to SAM.
Sin embargo, hay otros autores que se decantan por considerar la 3a fase como indicativa de deficiencia puesto que hay numerosos estudios que han demostrado que la HCY es un factor de riesgo independiente para las enfermedades cardiovasculares e infarto (53-61).
12) Our result show that, in hemodialysis patients, serum HCY had a positive correlation with PLT count that could explain some thrombotic events among patients with ESRD.
During primary turnover, MS carries out methylation of HCY using methylfolate-derived methyl groups which are transiently bound to cobalamin as MeCbl (a).
We prepared DBSs for calibration, recovery, stability, and imprecision studies as follows: aliquots of pooled whole blood were spiked with HCY, MMA, and MCA to achieve final concentrations of 0, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 200 [micro]mol/L and were then spotted on filter paper (Whatman ProteinSaver 903) and dried overnight at room temperature.
The van, which has the registration G148 HCY was partially-damaged by fire and recovered by the police last week.
Recent studies have also demonstrated a strong correlation between elevated HCY levels and diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, and renal failure.
Efforts and activities of the council come in response to the royal vision, especially that His Majesty King Abdullah II gives special attention to the youth who are able to make the necessary changes in the political, economic, social and security fields," the president of the HCY added.
The analysis revealed no other significant relationship; and baseline HCY and RBC folate values were not predictive of the severity of mucositis or thrombocytopenia in this assessment.
The higher HCY of animals submitted to high level of concentrate at finishing phase occurred probably as a consequence of the greater velocity and passage rate of the feed through the gastrointestinal tract at finishing, caused by the lower rate of NFD (36.