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(1) See also HD DVR.

(2) (High Definition DVD) A short-lived, high-capacity optical disc that held four hours of HD video on a single-sided, single-layer 15GB disk. Sanctioned by the DVD Forum in 2003, it gave way to Blu-ray in 2008.

HD DVD was based on the Advanced Optical Disc (AOD) technology from Toshiba and NEC and used a blue-violet laser that read pits half the size of a DVD on tracks packed tighter together. Like Blu-ray, HD DVD supported 1080p resolution and advanced video codecs (see H.264 and VC-1). An advantage for media manufacturers was that, unlike Blu-ray, traditional DVD stamping machines needed only minor modifications to make HD DVDs.

The first HD DVD drives were sold in the U.S. in 2006, and Microsoft offered the drive as an Xbox option. Despite its features and support, in 2008, the majority of movie studios and retail outlets chose Blu-ray over HD DVD, and the "format war" was over.

HD DVD Formats
Used for commercial movies, HD DVD-ROMs were pressed and read only. HD DVD-Rs were recorded once by the user, and HD DVD-RWs were rewritable. Hybrid HD DVDs were announced with HD DVD on one side and DVD on the other. In an attempt to resolve competition, dual-format HD DVD/Blu-ray players were also developed (see "Blu-ray History" in Blu-ray). See HD formats, DVD and DTV.

FULL-SIZE HD DVD (120mm) CAPACITIESSINGLE SIDED     DOUBLE SIDED HD                HDLayers  Storage  Hours    Storage  HoursSingle15GB    4       30GB     8

 Dual      30GB    8

 Triple    51GB   14
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Microsoft, Toshiba and Intel back HD-DVD, Blu-Ray has Sony and Philips ( and most of the film and entertainment industries.
But Blu-Ray discs hold up to 200 gigabytes against 90 for HD-DVDs ( hugely important for the videogames industry.
Earlier this year, Toshiba released a pair of HD-DVD players: the HD-A1 ($499) and the HD-XA1 ($799).
This will enable media manufacturers to use the same manufacturing processes and production lines with only minor modifications to produce HD media--meaning that, at least initially, recordable HD-DVD media will be less expensive than Blu-Ray Disc media, which is built around a completely different design.
The beauty of this offer is that it doesn't require our customers to give up their HD-DVD player," said Barry Judge, chief marketing officer for Best Buy.
Lieberfarb also said that HD-DVD is a more efficient technology that could be ready for market by 2005.
Providing high-definition multimedia, along with Acer's exclusive Empowering Technology and Acer Arcade entertainment software suites, the Aspire 9810 is a highly-versatile notebook that delivers best-in-class HD-DVD format viewing and an extraordinary audio-visual experience.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7600n Series PC - which takes movie watching to a new level with its HD-DVD high-definition DVD player, Intel Viiv[TM] technology and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, wireless home networking,(4) and 7.
NASDAQ: AMZN), today announced upcoming support for all three of the industry's major high definition formats: HD-DVD, Blu-ray, and Windows Media Video High Definition DVD (WMV-HD DVD).
There will also be presentations on the latest consumer HD-DVD authoring and playback solutions -- Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 and InterVideo WinDVD HD DVD.