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in the Bible, man who was to have a memorial in the temple.

What does it mean when you dream about a hen?

The hen symbolizes gossip and calamity as well as being annoyingly pecked at by a person or a situation (“henpecked”).


(vertebrate zoology)
The female of several bird species, especially gallinaceous species.


1. the female of any bird, esp the adult female of the domestic fowl
2. the female of certain other animals, such as the lobster
References in classic literature ?
There is nothing in the world so miserable as a wet hen.
I'm a trifle hungry, myself," declared the yellow hen.
My name is Bill," said the yellow hen, somewhat gruffly.
But when I was first hatched out no one could tell whether I was going to be a hen or a rooster; so the little boy at the farm where I was born called me Bill, and made a pet of me because I was the only yellow chicken in the whole brood.
Oh, I don't mind it in the least," returned the yellow hen.
She waited, however, as the hen advised, and before long the big wooden coop grated gently on the sandy beach and the dangerous voyage was over.
The yellow hen flew to the sands at once, but Dorothy had to climb over the high slats.
Getting my breakfast, of course," murmured the hen, busily pecking away.
asked the hen, lifting her head to gaze with one bright eye at her companion.
returned the hen, in a puzzled tone; "how queer you are, Dorothy
But you eat the chickens that eat the bugs," retorted the yellow hen, with an odd cackle.
As for the yellow hen, she continued to peck away at the sand busily, and seemed quite contented with her bill-of-fare.