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George sits, with his arms folded, consuming the family and the parlour while Grandfather Smallweed is assisted by Judy to two black leathern cases out of a locked bureau, in one of which he secures the document he has just received, and from the other takes another similar document which hl of business care--I should like to throw a cat at you instead of a cushion, and I will too if you make such a confounded fool of yourself
Finally, while advertising support for HLS files is in place, support for DASH-encoded files is still in its infancy.
In the United States, for example, the HL in most families is completely lost within three generations (Fishman, 1991).
HLS is a company that deals in the development and service industrial robotic control systems and communications infrastructure for mining companies around the world.
5 The position of the HLS Coordinator is generally a position for a qualified librarian because of the responsibilities, judgements and duties involved
With HLS emerging as a standard, and major players like Apple's iOS & Google's Android OS leading the way, Encoding.