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Hetero Med Solutions Limited (HMSL), incorporated in 2007, part of the Hetero Group of companies, is engaged in retail distribution of medicines, surgical and non-pharma products through a chain of retail stores under the brand name of ,Hetero Pharmacy' located in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
(52.) Bornstein VJ, David HMSL. Contribuicoes da formacao tecnica do agente comunitario de saude para o desenvolvimento do trabalho da equipe Saude da Familia.
IMC's two-year deal, financed by Halifax's specialist division HMSL, is fixed until September 2002 at just 5.49 per cent for those who can raise a 25 per cent deposit.
To probe the structure further, I programmed a set of dynamical analysis tools for music in HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language), drawing on methods for examining time-series data described by Nicolis and Prigogine (1989) and Schroeder (1991).
(33.) Mota RA, David HMSL. A crescente escolarizacao do ACS: uma introducao do processo de trabalho?
Independent Mortgage Collection, for example, currently has a Cashback Tracker mortgage, funded by Verso, fixed between two and five years at the bank base rate plus 0.85 per cent, making a current rate of 5.85 per cent, with the bonus of a pounds 500 cashback; and a five-year deal funded by HMSL, the specialist arm of Halifax, fixed at 5.95 per cent, with no overhanging penalties after the fixed period .
(8.) Bornstein VJ, Lopes MR, David HMSL. Educacao popular na formacao do agente comunitario de saude.