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Higher Order Logic. A proof-generating system for higher order logic based on LCF. Implementations include HOL-88 and HOL-90.

ftp://ted.cs.uidaho.edu/pub/hol. Mailing list: info-hol@ted.cs.uidaho.edu.

["HOL: A Machine Oriented Formulation of Higher Order Logic", M.J.C. Gordon, Report 68, Comp Lab U Cambridge (1985)].

["Introduction to HOL", M.J.C. Gordon et al, Cambridge U Press 1993 ISBN 0-521-441897].
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The dating of the Chan Hol remains are right at the early limit of other recent findings.
Benewens gemeenskaplike temas in die twee dramas soos vroulike skoonheid en seksuele geweld teenoor vroue, verwys albei stukke in die verbygaan na breer aktuele kwessies: wereldwye hongersnood in Hol (44) en bedreigde spesies in Trippie (70-1).
Rosie won the grand prize of a five night's stay at Hol Chan Reef Resort and Villas for two in a spectacular ocean front room.
Let hol([GAMMA]) be the image of the the holonomy projection hol : [GAMMA] [right arrow] Aut(G).
HOL credits the activists and the Catholic Church of Mexico, which was concerned about the ongoing destruction of Mexican families and village life.
The Young Man of Chan Hol is the fourth in a series of significant archaeological finds in the caves of Quintana Roo.
HOL is also in strategic cooperation talks with its biggest rival, Forthnet, which dominates Greek pay television but has no exposure in the mobile phone market.
Let hol (M) denote the space of all infinitesimal CR automorphisms X defined in some neighborhood of the origin in M which are of the form X = Re Z for some holomorphic vector field Z.
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