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1. land held under a lease and used for agriculture or similar purposes
2. property to which the holder has legal title, such as land, stocks, shares, and other investments
3. Sport the obstruction of an opponent with the hands or arms, esp in boxing

What does it mean when you dream about holding something?

A dreaming emphasizing holding can have a multitude of meanings. We can hold things as an act of protection, ownership, as an act of control (“holding our breath”), intimacy, or responsibility. So one has to determine which meaning of holding is being expressed in the dream.

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No large aggregate losses have been reported on the equity holdings of these banking organizations in recent years.
Besides Japanese firms' holdings of equities and land, analysts point to the high Japanese savings rate, an expectation of strong growth of earnings, and more generally, the overall macroeconomic performance of Japan.
Nevertheless, the available data indicate that some of the nation's largest banking organizations have large holdings of nonbank assets.