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1. a local group of people in a nomadic society
2. a nomadic group of people, esp an Asiatic group
3. a large moving mass of animals, esp insects



(1) Among the Turkic and Mongol peoples, a military-administrative organization, quartering place, or nomad camp. In medieval times it was a headquarters; the state rulers’ capital. Consequently, the term came to designate the great Turkic and Mongol feudal states and nomadic tribal alliances, for example, the Golden Horde and the Nogai Horde.

(2) An archaic term for the first pretribal (preclan) societies of primitive man. In this sense, “horde” is a synonym for the “primitive human herd.”

(3) In everyday usage, a horde is a large, unorganized crowd of people.

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While the Horde is headed to Zandalar to recruit the trolls to their side, the Alliance is headed to Kul Tiras, the homeland of Jaina Proudmoore and her father's mighty fleet.
To unearth the truth, survivors will have to make it past hordes of the 2.
But in "Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire," Horde Encounters will extend to just battling wild Pokemon hordes.
He argues that Kulikovo was important not because of the Russian victory, which Khan Tokhtamysh reversed in 1382, but because the ongoing struggle between Mamai and Tokhtamysh weakened the Horde.
The new version of the battling-wave-upon-wave-ofenemies challenge - dubbed Horde 2.
Apart from Films Distribution, the filmmakers have at least two other strong allies: Jean Labadie, whose outfit Le Pacte handled French distribution on "The Horde," and Manuel Alduy, the head of Canal Plus' film division, which pre-bought the film and still considers it one of its best acquisitions.
Nevertheless the horde will still descend on town and they invariably decide to alight at Moorfields which leads them bang in to the heart of Queerville.
Indeed, the voluntary "interactive data" program launched by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hasn't drawn a horde of participants.
Despite its cheekiness -- when the Doctor finally comes to, with the planet in thrall to an alien horde, his first words to sidekick Rose (Billie Piper) are a cheerful, ``Did you miss me?
NACHTMYSTIUM Instinct: Decay (Battle Kommand)--Strongest release yet from the USBM horde.
A typical She-Ra: Princess of Power episode saw She-Ra and her friends--including the suspiciously queer archer Bow, ditzy witch Madame Razz, owl-like creature Kowl, and trusty unicorn Swift Wind--attempting to liberate the planet Etheria from the diabolical Hordak and his Evil Horde.
2) In the terminology of today, the horde is referred to as the band or land-using group, as opposed to the clan or land-owning group.