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The Amisys system we got engaged with in 1993 was designed to run on the HP 3000 platform," he explains.
DETAIL also provides transparent access to midrange data held on UNIX, Windows, iSeries, HP 3000 and ICL systems.
The new HP currently sells and supports no less than seven operating systems - its own flavour of Unix, HP-UX; the OpenVMS system that Compaq inherited from its acquisition of Digital Equipment (DEC); Microsoft's Windows 2000; the Linux open source operating system; the Compaq version of Unix, Tru64; MPE, the engine for its proprietary HP 3000 systems; and, lastly, the NonStop Kernel that runs on the Tandem fault-tolerant machines from Compaq.
The software lets users map their existing AS/400, mainframe, HP 3000 or HP 9000 transactions down to a wireless fixed or portable data collection device.
6bn test and measurement business that is being spun off), $660m of it was for HP 3000 servers (down 8% from 1997), $2.
An alternate host input port is also included that allows the attached printer to be shared with a PC, DEC VAX, HP 3000, PC LAN or another protocol converter.
newspapers began moving to Collier-Jackson World Class Series circulation systems and upgrading to HP 3000 Series 900 RISC systems (E&P, Feb.
By installing a computer-managed instruction (CMI) system running on a Hewlett-Packard HP 3000 mini-computer, we have been able to tame our paperwork.
Last month, the Palo Alto, California, firm introduced the first local-area network product for its HP 3000 family of computers based on the IEEE 802.
the leader in legacy system virtualization, today publicly announces that the Zelus project, an advanced development project to create a virtual version of the 30+ year old HP 3000 hardware, has achieved its goals.
Tenders are invited for Support for HP 3000 Computers.
Because of that, and because of its experience trying to shift users over from the HP 3000 to the HP 9000 Series after ten years, HP says it's giving itself "at least three years" to make the full transition over to IA-64, with four more PA chips in the pipeline, including the 8600 (CI No 3,615).