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(1) See high-performance computing and Windows HPC Server.

(2) (Home theater PC) See HTPC.

(3) (Handheld PC) A palmtop computer that weighs less than one pound and runs specialized versions of popular applications. Microsoft coined the term for its Windows CE operating system. See Pocket PC.

The Innovative Clio
The Clio was a Windows CE handheld with a unique design. Its SwingTop case became a flat tablet, presentation display or small desktop machine with keyboard. Originally created by Vadem, Ltd., it was acquired in 2003 by The Pinax Group (Image courtesy of The Pinax Group.)
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As one of Huawei's key partners in the HPC space, Intel attended the HPC Global Center of Excellence (CoE) inauguration ceremony staged by Huawei at ISC 2017.
clear leader in HPC, Dell now offers customers highly flexible, precision built
Today HPC is converging with big data analytics, IoT, machine learning and robotics to open up a whole new era of computing potential.
The network will promote access to computational facilities, pool expertise and resources across Europe and share best practice in HPC industrial use, raising awareness of the benefits of HPC and contributing to the implementation of the European HPC Strategy.
Through identifying clear ROI and innovation examples, the award program has further demonstrated the close link between HPC and economic/scientific innovation and competitiveness.
Utilizing the HPC Advisory Council's computational resources and expertise, we can create HPC solutions, such as the HPC384 Spec, that will better support music production demands, optimize workflows, and create a set of guidelines that will give foresight on the future of music production and technological developments around it, said Antonis Karalis, HPCmusic subgroup chairman at the HPC Advisory Council.
The company also announced two upgrades to its HPC products: Platform LSF 7 Update 6 and Platform HPC Workgroup Manager 1.
Sadiq Sait, formed a full team of highly technical professionals to evaluate different technologies in the market with the goal of creating a state-of-the-art Computational HPC Lab," said Ahmed Al-Jeshi, Regional Solution Specialist HPC, Microsoft in Saudi Arabia.
SANs allow multiple nodes to access the same storage simultaneously, which is often critical for HPC applications.
The inherent strengths of HPC allow for greater design efficiencies, shorter construction cycles, and lower life-cycle costs.
The growing appearance of installed AMD Opteron processor-based systems on broad industry lists like the Top500 and IDC Balanced HPC Ratings is indicative of these trends.
HPC Notes is a must-have program for both my PDA and laptop