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Ya teniamos experiencias educativas que tenian que ver con Computacion, Taller de Lectura y Redaccion e Ingles, el AFBG solo incorporo a HPCC. ya teniamos horas para nuestros profesores en nuestro banco de horas, solo se abrio la materia de HPCC.
NLM was the first institution in the Department of Health and Human Services to create an HPCC program.
The Hamad Patient Contact Centre (HPCC) of Hamad Medical Corporation receives an average of 1,700 calls per day from patients and the community.
The firm pioneered the use of Big Data with its High Performance Computing Cluster Systems (HPCC), "one of the most advanced, fast-performing Big Data processing technologies available today" (Annual Report 2013: 10).
The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches (HPCC) yesterday strongly condemned the 'terrorist attack' on a church in the Galilee region.
Hot topics included the IoT, M2M, wireless, energy harvesting, and high-performance computing and communications (HPCC).
(1) Based on this premise, the Brazilian Federal Government implemented the Humanization of Prenatal and Childbirth Care (HPCC) to improve the availability of PNC, among other reasons.
Reliably finding these pieces of information requires gathering vast amounts of unstructured text using tools like Hadoop or high-performance cloud computing (HPCC).
HPCC Systems Platform 5.0--a data-intensive supercomputing platform designed to process and deliver big data analytical solutions
L., Yu, Q.F.: A Distributed Slot Assignment Algorithm with Minimum Jitter and Delay Guarantee for Real Time Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks, 12th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC), 383-390, (2010).
The transaction will also leverage the buyer's high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) systems technology and capabilities as the company is scaling up its risk business globally, Trainor added.