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Kosovo HPCC, and provide the Kosovo HPCC with administrative and legal
Auto historically returned an average $108 in chargeable premium for every inquiry made; however, after migrating to the HPCC Systems platform, C.
With its insurance solutions and LexID on the HPCC Systems platform, LexisNexis delivers:
HPCC can be used to solve complex problems in data-intensive environments such as scientific, financial, and commercial industries.
The University at Buffalo and many other organizations are increasingly choosing HPCC solutions for data intensive analysis as an alternative to proprietary supercomputers.
This appointment intensifies the role of the National Library of Medicine, already heavily involved in the HPCC program.
The launch of HPCC Systems represents a paradigm shift of enterprise companies open-sourcing their proprietary and proven technology assets.
According to the Complaint, on August 20, 2015, the Company announced second quarter 2015 financial results that fell short of market expectations due to issues with the HPCC platform.
In 2015, ChinaCache officially launched its next generation of CDN base core platform based on efficient cloud computing technology -- HPCC (High Performance Cloud Cache) platform.
The HPCC Web site is a good source for benchmarks and comparative data on different computational systems.
USC purchased 360 dual-core Sun Fire V20z servers for the HPCC supercomputer cluster, selecting them for their advanced cooling capabilities, smaller form factor, energy efficiency and superior price/performance.
Clustering is a broad term, and includes operations such as blade computing, HPCC (high-performance cluster computing), database clusters, caching operations, firewalls, and Web server clusters.