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symbol for the element hassiumhassium
, artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Hs; at. no. 108; mass number of most stable isotope 277; m.p., b.p., sp. gr., and valence unknown. Situated in Group 8 of the periodic table, it is expected to have properties similar to those of osmium.
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(High Speed) See modem.
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Louis A Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS, said, 'HSS has been focused on advancing orthopaedics for 156 years, and we take great pride in all evidence of the results of that including this milestone recognition.
Javier Martin, CEO at Summa Networks: "As game changer in the HSS and HLR market we are proud to have joined such unprecedented initiative.
HSS Group is a global partner of XCMG and other major Chinese companies.
Bolen will remain with the company through a transition period in 2019 and all FoodStaff's current internal and temporary employees will be retained by HSS.
Under the agreement with AVH, HSS will provide services including clinical knowledge transfer, medical staff development, professional education, research and academic programming and practice quality enhancement.
The HSS engineering and project management group said in a statement that HSSI had accepted a letter of appointment from Mass Rapid Transit Corp Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) to be the consultant engineer for the MRT3 project.
Mr Ashmore added: "Whilst the rate of recovery in our rental revenues has been positive, it has been materially slower than originally targeted, leading to lower-than-expected profitability over this period." HSS has been slashing costs and axing branches in an attempt to save around PS13m a year, while it has also been leading a transformation programme aimed at integrating a new national distribution and engineering centre.
HSS will benefit from a recently-completed multi-million-dollar renovation at the property, which included the restoration of the lobby's original Italian Calacatta marble, new elevator cabs and state-of-the-art technology, safety and emergency systems, as well as access to the main campus of HSS offered by the proximity of the FDR Drive, Grand Central Terminal and major subway lines.
Importantly, the researchers discovered that the trailing edges move by on the same 27-day interval as the leading edges, offering hope for the accurate prediction of HSS events in the future.
During machining, the Material Removal Rate is measured between untreated and deep cryogenic treated HSS tool.
Hughes-Stovin syndrome (HSS) is an extremely rare condition, characterized by multiple pulmonary artery aneurysms and peripheral venous thrombosis, which was first described in 1959 by John Patterson Hughes and Peter George Ingle Stovin.
This was according to the Philippine National Police, which sought an explanation from its Headquarters Support Service (HSS) on Revilla's trip outside the PNP Custodial Center that day.