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Using the relative values of the assays parameters, expressed as heat shock susceptibility index (HSSI), the analysis of the spearman's rank correlation indicated that under 30 minutes exposure at 40[degrees]C, soluble sugars were positively correlated with % damage to cell membrane (r= 0.881, P=0.007), and with Fv/Fm ratio (r= 0.762, P=0.037).
It can be seen that there are significant differences between the HSSI and HHEI institutions and between the HSSI and HBCU institutions; however there is no significant difference between the HHEI and HBCU institutions.
The heat stress susceptibility index (HSSI) was used as a measure of heat tolerance in the form of minimization of the reduction in grain yield caused by high temperature versus normal temperature conditions.
The unit is supplied with T-3, T-1, E-1, E-3, DDS, V.35, HSSI, RS530/RS422, X.21 and RS-232 interfaces, and includes a speaker to listen to voice in a DSO.
RAD Data Communcations has launched a dedicated access device for linking HSSI interfaces to the E3 WAN network.
The router is connected to a CSU/DSU (channel service unit/data service unit) device, using a high-speed serial interface (HSSI).
(HSSI), of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., requires all applicants to fill out a six-page checklist of skills, which provides a more detailed picture of an applicant's experience.
'The report was presented to the technical consultant, HSSI Sdn Bhd, for confirmation and review,' he said.
Tony McDonell has been named as the managing director for HSBS Securities Services (Ireland) Limited (HSSI).
(HSSi), Philippines; Mark Ruiz, president of Hapinoy, a microfinance program for entrepreneurial sari-sari store owners; Antonio "Tony" Meloto, founder of Gawad Kalinga; and Reese Fernandez Ruiz, president of Rags2Riches, a fashion brand that provides sustainable livelihood for poor communities.