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Under the Web's current architecture, HTML alone is incapable of delivering usable Web applications or directly accessing a Web Service.
Instead of being presentation oriented, as with HTML (in browsers) and PDF (in print and viewed by Acrobat Reader), XML enhances document content management while still enabling a variety of software programs to handle presentation and publication.
* Save As, then specifying the HTML document in the Save As type.
Other HTML editors of note are: HotDog (
When SGML viewers are commonly available and widely supported by information providers, many of the representational problems of HTML text will become moot.
XHTML contains several important syntax changes from HTML. Since XML is case-sensitive, XHTML documents must use lower case for all HTML element and attribute names.
With the virtual printer, the user may now directly print his work from any Windows 95/98/NT application as HTML, which is the platform independent universal standard for networks.