HTML5 video

HTML5 video

The native video support in HTML5, which includes MP4, WebM and Ogg. See H.264, WebM, Ogg Theora, Ogg Vorbis and HTML5.

HTML5 VIDEO FORMATS        Video          AudioFormat  Codec          Codec

  MP4     H.264          AAC

  WebM    VP8/VP9/VP10   Vorbis

  Ogg     Theora         Vorbis
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The new HTML5 video player will be compatible with any Internet browser, making animated video creation even easier.
Bar-Zik discovered a way to bypass some of Chrome's attempts to alert users to the browser's activity thanks to a flaw in the new HTML5 video and audio API (application program interface).
With Xvast browser, it supports new HTML5 Video tag.
A video highlights the big battery-efficiency improvement that the new version has over last year's Chrome 46, leading to over 10 hours of HTML5 video playback from Vimeo, reports The Verge.
"As we saw the industry move toward HTML5 video, we knew we wanted to get ahead of it.
For the first time, Routsis says, training in scientific injection molding and related topics is available over the Internet anywhere, anytime, using not only Macs and PCs, but also Windows tablets and phones, Apple iPads and iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Google Glass, and other devices that support either Flash or HTML5 video.
They cover drawing on the canvas; the HTML5 Canvas text API; images on the canvas; math, physics, and animation; mixing HTML5 video and Canvas; working with audio; Canvas games; going mobile; and further explorations.
The company's products include Video Cloud, the market-leading online video platform and Zencoder, a leading cloud-based media processing service and HTML5 video player technology provider.
10 December 2013 - French web video portal operator Dailymotion SA on Tuesday said it had purchased Swiss Jilion SA, the developer of cloud-based HTML5 video player SublimeVideo.