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But please hug and kiss me, everyone, and don't mind my dress.
THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER" is the longest,' Tweedledum replied, giving his brother an affectionate hug.
So, they went softly up the kitchen stairs on tiptoe, and Bella with her light hand softly removed the fastenings of the house door, and Pa, having received a parting hug, made off.
His bear hugs are to convey the message that he's the representative of more than a billion Indians.
It turned out that those who had the most hugs had lowest severity of cold symptoms.
Davina McCall tweeted a picture hugging fellow TV host Paul O'Grady after appearing on his ITV show, with the words: "Today I am making my hugs count
They will share photos of the hugs online with the hashtag #HugForStephen.
A new study from Carnegie Mellon University found that hugs do really protect people who are under stress from getting sick.
Kunhadi ambassador Ines Abou Ayach challenged the Lebanese to drive slower and hug longer, and believes the hugging world record is in reach.
As part of the Free Hug Day a plane flew over Liverpool city centre with a banner saying: 'Free Hugs for Bert', which was Carla's nick-nick name.
Sweetly enough, the book ends with a gallery of hugs, including an upside-down hug, a bug toy hug and a woolly hug which should tickle little ones.
We decided to spread the love by hugging people," Kunz said, adding "a good hug can make someone happy".