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A 2014 ( study conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh showed that the healthy adults who were part of the experiment became less susceptible to stress when they frequently received or gave hugs.
National Hug Day was created by Reverend Kevin Zaborney in Caro, Michigan in 1986 as an antidote to the reverendas perception that many American were afraid to display affection in public.
To close these gaps, a large study led by German neuroscientist Julian Packheiser investigated more than 2,500 hugs. In order to assess negative emotional situations, hugs were observed at the departure gate of an international airport.
[USA] Oct 8 ( ANI ): According to a recent study, hugs can be the key to better social interactions.
When it comes to hugging, my former sister-in-law, a strapping Viking, hugs like no other.
"She hugs so long you think 'this probably is it now' but there's always a little bit more." And a simi Lo similar thing happened with Lorraine Kelly.
Summary: Actor Rajkummar Rao thinks July 20 could officially be made 'Hug Day'
Hertzberg, a Democrat from Los Angeles, has earned nicknames such as "Hugsberg" and "Huggy Bear" for greeting men and women alike with giant hugs.
Please hug me.) She did this at the LRT 2-Legarda station, as shown in a video uploaded on her Facebook page yesterday.
There is healing power in hugs that is beyond our comprehension.
Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women - Memphis, TN: Funds from the No Baby Unhugged grant will help provide more hugs to the 70% of babies in the NICU that receive very few visitors.
"We normally do it for two hours and average 200 hugs. Cardiff needs hugs and we are bringing Cardiff together one hug at a time."