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in the Bible. 1 One who upheld a hand of Moses at Rephidim. 2 Grandfather of BezaleelBezaleel
. In the Bible, the artist of the Tabernacle in the wilderness.
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 (1,) perhaps the same as (1.) 3 Midianite king killed by the Hebrews. 4 Father of an officer of Solomon. 5 Father of RephaiahRephaiah
, in the Bible. 1 Descendant of Judah. 2 Chief whose followers defeated the Amalekites. 3 Son of Tola. 4 Repairer of the wall. 5 Descendant of Saul. An alternate form is Rapha.
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Miss Stacy caught me reading Ben Hur in school yesterday afternoon when I should have been studying my Canadian history.
"Oh, how can you call Ben Hur a novel when it's really such a religious book?" protested Anne.
itt bin that hur lashipp prevent mee; for to bee sur, Sir, you nose
as to offar to mak mee hur one uman without mi ever askin any such
The next that came forth, swore by blood and by nails, Merrily sing the roundelay; Hur's a gentleman, God wot, and hur's lineage was of Wales, And where wall the widow might say him nay?
After playing the first eight holes in 1-over par, Hur had four straight birdies from the ninth and also birdied Nos.
Hur defied the miserable conditions at the Renaissance Club to card a 66 and finish 20 under par, four shots ahead of compatriot Jeongeun Lee6 and Thailand's Moriya Jutanugarn.
Hur went on to make a further three after the turn to grab the lead for the first time, with the birdie on the 12th giving her a massive boost.
Noor Ahmed Memon, the Chairman Sindhica Academy who was the keynote speaker of the seminar also presented the chronological development of Hur Movement and told Dargah Pir-Jo-Goth has always played radical role against exploitation and foreign aggression.
Keynote speaker Noor Memon presented the chronological development of Hur movement, saying that dargah Pir Jo Goth had always played a radical role against exploitation and foreign aggression.
The Hur force rendered invaluable sacrifices during 1965 war, advancing 1200 kilometers in enemy territories, claiming control over scores of enemy check-posts; sending unprecedented panic through enemy ranks, he said while delivering his presidential address at a daylong national seminar on 'The Impact of Hur Resistance Movement on the Social and Political History of Colonial Sindh', jointly organized by the Department of General History and Pakistan Study Centre in collaboration with Bureau of Students' Tutorial, Guidance, Counseling Services and Co-curricular Activities (STAGS) at Shaikh Ayaz auditorium of faculty of arts on Tuesday.
Hur has been traveling abroad in Southeast Asia and South Asia since Feb.