HVAC system

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heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system (HVAC system)

A mechanical system designed to satisfy the environmental conditions within an air-conditioned space, usually controlling the temperature, relative humidity, distribution and movement of air, and air cleanliness. Types of systems differ, but a basic system often includes an outside-air intake, chiller, preheater, dehumidifier, heating coil, humidifier, fans, duct-work, air outlets, and air terminals.
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In the future, DuChane concludes, "We anticipate complete integration of refrigeration and HVAC systems for optimized efficiency."
Multiple models can be generated for one HVAC system, based on different conditions.
The UAE is the second in a list of GCC countries where there is a booming demand for HVAC systems, led by Saudi Arabia.
Consequently, geothermal HVAC systems are gradually gaining traction in residential as well as industrial applications.
" The Egans allege that defendants breached a number of express warranties, including that the HVAC system could 'be installed practically anywhere,' could 'perform flawlessly in any climate,' and came with 'one of the best warranties in the business.' ...
Duytschaever: As with any HVAC system, each piece of equipment needs to be monitored.
Farah's views will appear in the 1208 issue of MEP Middle East 's special report on energy-efficient HVAC systems, which will be out on the first week of August 2017.
Advances in HVAC systems are aimed at reducing those figures.
Several documents address molds and HVAC system. HVAC systems: closer look Proper design installation and maintenance of HVAC system is essential for controlling indoor mold.
Xiezhong and LGE will utilize their own technology and resources to jointly develop HVAC system for new-energy automobile, and jointly expand the market of HVAC system for new-energy automobile based on the project of Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd.
The increasing deployment of these smart technologies provide a great opportunity to better evaluate residential HVAC system performance.
Awall control will not only need to be able to manage the home's HVAC system, it will need to integrate itself into other systems in the home as well, whether it is the security network, lifestyle and entertainment components or other household appliances.