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a city and the administrative center of Haapsalu Raion, Estonian SSR. Haapsalu is situated on an inlet of the Baltic Sea, 100 km southwest of Tallinn. It has a railroad station on the Tallinn-Rohukiila line. Industry is represented by a textile factory, an experimental fish-processing combine, a grain-products combine, and the shop of a meat-packing combine. The city has a museum of local lore.

Haapsalu is a seaside peloid health resort. The summers are moderately warm, with an average July temperature of approximately 17°C; the winters are mild, with an average January temperature of approximately – 4°C. Sea silt from the inlet is used therapeutically to treat diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, and peripheral nervous system. Haapsalu has two sanitoriums, a balneopeloid facility, and a physical therapy facility.


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The year's national and research awards ceremony took place in Haapsalu, state decorations were presented in Narva, a solemn Mass was held in Paide, the flag and defence forces was raised during a military parade in Tallinn and the Estonian Declaration of Independence's 'Manifesto for the Peoples of Estonia' was read aloud in Parnu.
Laanemaa was a county in the western part of Estonia along the Baltic Sea that included the island of Hiiumaa and consisted of a population of approximately 75,000; the largest minority was a Swedish-speaking population (approximately 6,000-7,000) living compactly on a number of small islands and in a few coastal communes; in all, 37 communes of various sizes existed in the county; the only town and the county seat, Haapsalu, had a population of 4,500.
El ultimo duelo, rodada en 2014 en Haapsalu, Estonia, se ubica en 1952.
The current overview discusses the interconnection of various data on town construction, with the aim to reconstruct the original street plan of a small medieval town together with the early townscape plan on the example of Haapsalu (Germ.
Wales made a great start at the Signy Arena in Haapsalu, Nicola Cousins forcing an early stop from the Estonia keeper.
If I play every day very well, then it's possible," the 28-year-old from Haapsalu said.
Although there are 19 coastal marine stations operated by the EMHI, the sea level measurements are currently carried out at the Dirhami, Haapsalu, Heltermaa, Kunda, Loksa, Narva-Joesuu, Parnu, Ristna, Rohukula, Rohuneeme, Roomassaare and Virtsu stations (however, the list can change from one year to another).
The spring school and general meeting took place at the Laane County Central Library at Haapsalu on 4-5 June.
The Haapsalu centre for youngsters with mental disabilities is located in the western part of the Baltic country.
Codenamed Kalev Express, the 10-day exercise, which began a week last Sunday, is taking place in areas near Klooga, Paldiski, Haapsalu and Tapa.