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Jargon File

(jargon, publication, humour)
The on-line hacker Jargon File maintained by Eric S. Raymond. A large collection of definitions of computing terms, including much wit, wisdom, and history.

Many definitions in this dictionary are from v3.0.0 of 1993-07-27.

Latest version: 4.4.2 (2003-05-22), as of 2003-06-09.

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See also Yellow Book, Jargon.
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One educational software brand, Hacker Jack (Baudeville), adopted faux hacker jargon to appeal to adults and teens alike.
Nicholas Bain's first novel could accurately be called a cyber-thriller although it is nicely unencumbered by hacker jargon or high technology specs.
I just hope I didn't break anything for your other customers (which I doubt though)." The cracker signed off with what he or she claimed is the ADM motto: "You're lucky we're whitehats" - hacker jargon for crackers who do no harm.