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women's Zionist organization of the United States founded (1912) by Henrietta SzoldSzold, Henrietta
, 1860–1945, American Zionist leader, editor, and translator, b. Baltimore. After graduating from high school in 1877 she taught (1878–92) in private schools, organizing some of the first night school classes for immigrants.
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. It has done important work in Israel in medical service, child welfare, and aid to refugees. Hadassah provides major support for the medical school of Hebrew Univ. and most of the budget for Youth Aliyah, the organization that transports children and youths to Israel and supports them there. Hadassah's principal activities in the United States are educational and charitable work.


See study by M. Levin (1973).


(hədăs`ə), in the Bible, Hebrew name of EstherEsther
, book of the Bible. It is the tale of the beautiful Jewish woman Esther [Heb.,= Hadassah], who is chosen as queen by the Persian King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I or II) after he has repudiated his previous wife, Vashti.
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Nearing its ten-year anniversary, A Heart for Peace's mixed team of Israeli and Palestinian doctors at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital has cared for 607 Palestinian children, with no thought to borders and citizenship.
A new drug technology, developed at the Hadassah Medical Organization to treat fatty liver disease--a condition with no approved effective drug treatment--was given the go-ahead by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a Phase 2 multi-center clinical trial in the US.
A little care and affection went a long way for hard-up agency nurse Hadassah Peri - as she found herself being showered with millions of pounds worth of gifts by one of the world's wealthiest women.
WORCESTER -- This Sunday, the Greater Worcester Chapter of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, is hosting its 81st Annual Donor Event and will be honoring five women from the Worcester community.
Cushman & Wakefield announced that Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc.
From Fashion to Politics: Hadassah and Jewish American Women in the Post World War II Era.
By 1939, Hadassah claimed that ten thousand volunteers across the United States working for the Department sent sixty-five thousand articles, many of them hand-sewn, to Palestine each year.
Hadassah doctors studied the medical file of the first successful case in France from a decade ago and pulled together a skilled team that included two obstetricians, an angiologist, a urologist, intestinal and vascular surgeons, neonatologists and senior ultrasound and MRI scanning experts.
14 (ANI): The chief financial officer of the Hadassah, a Jewish volunteer organization, is said to have had a rip roaring affair with New York Ponzi King Bernard L.
Hadasit, the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem, Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, have announced an equally owned joint scientific venture to develop a new orally administered therapeutic treatment for autoimmune diseases.
Construction of the branch began October 16 with the demolition of the existing building, whose longtime tenant had been the Hadassah Resale Shop.
Chatsworth resident Kay Gordon has received the 19th annual Hadassah National Leadership Award, honoring members for their civic, educational and cultural work.