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an ancient city in Afghanistan, located 8 km from Jalalabad. According to legend, the skull ot Buddha was kept in one of the city’s temples; this may possibly be the origin of the city’s name: hadda in Sanskrit literally means “bone.”

Located in Hadda are the ruins of a huge architectural complex, consisting of Buddhist monasteries dating from the first to fourth centuries, with monks’ cells arranged around an inner court, as well as of sanctuaries, numerous stupas, sometimes many-tiered, and other buildings with sculptures in low or high relief, primarily of gypsum, but sometimes of stone as well. The sculptures are done in the style of the Nangarhar school (from the ancient name of Jalalabad), combining local, Bactrian, and Hellenized Indian elements. The first excavations at Hadda were conducted in 1923.


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Hadda come away an' leave Kitty--hic--left her cryin', too--whujja think of that, ole sport?
The United States Consul General Katherine Hadda referred trafficking and prostitution as a problem in all societies and urged the society to fight against the menace.
Similarly, power supply will be suspended for Patha Mandi and Downstream feeders, Bab-i-Haram feeder, Hadda and Gullapur feeders,
Sa residence a Hadda, dans le quartier sud de la capitale yemenite, Sanaa, a egalement ete endommagee par des combats, a egalement constate un journaliste de l'Agence France-Presse.
B Pawing Starting From main Radha Soami Road to hadda Rori.
Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, Chairman, Sharjah Economic Development Department (Sedd), said the emirate's manufacturing sector expanded 6 per cent followed by construction at 5 per cent, restaurant and hotel at 5 per cent, real estate and services sector at 4 per cent and wholesale and retail at 3 per cent.
They said the forces had deployed in Sabaeen Square and the district of Hadda.
Il s'agit de Salaheddine Bassir titulaire a part entiere dans differentes manifestations en compagnie de Hadda Abdeljalil surnomme Camacho qui a pris la place d'Ahmed El Bahja pour contribuer a la belle prestation des Lions de l'Atlas au Mondial francais.
beaucoup moins que] Il y a eu des facilitations notamment l'hebergement qui se fait via le Net, ce qui m'a permis de louer une chambre avec ma voisine Hadda et mon mari dans le meme immeuble [beaucoup plus grand que].
Ahmed bin Hadda Al-Suwaidi, director of administrative affairs and Ali Saeed Al-Jarwan, deputy commercial director, also accompanied him on the tour to the stations in the free zone.
In a statement Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, Chairman of SEDD, said that the launch of the new website, with its new design and corporate identity, is in line with Sharjah's ruler vision to create an effective tool of communication with the public.
Students taking exams at Abdulrazzaq al-Sanaani high school, in Hadda neighbourhood, said they abandoned their tests and fled.