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(both: hädrəmout`, –môt`), region, S Arabia, on the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea, occupying the southeastern part of Yemen. Historically, the name refers to the former Hadhramaut states, a collective term for the Quaiti and Kathiri sultanates. The chief port and city of the region is MukallaMukalla
, town (1994 pop. 94,051), S Yemen, a port on the Gulf of Aden. It is the chief settlement of the Hadhramaut and the capital of the former sultanate of Qaiti. Fish products, tobacco, and coffee are exported. Dhows are built there.
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. The Hadhramaut extends c.400 mi (640 km) from east to west, encompassing a larger area the Yemeni Hadhramaut governate. It consists of a narrow, arid coastal plain, a broad plateau averaging 4,500 ft (1,370 m) high, a region of deeply sunk wadis (watercourses), and an escarpment fronting the desert. The sedentary population, the Hadranis, live in towns built along the wadis and harvest crops of wheat, corn, millet, dates, coconuts, and coffee. On the plateau the Bedouins raise sheep and goats. The Hadhramaut is called HazarmavethHazarmaveth
, in the Bible, son of Joktan and eponym of the present-day region of Hadhramaut.
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 in the Bible.



a historical region in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The state of Hadhramaut arose in the region circa 1,000 B.C. Its capital was Shabwah.

References to Hadhramaut are found in the Bible, the writings of classical authors, and Sabaean inscriptions of the fifth and sixth centuries B.C. The state was apparently allied with the state of Saba at various times. For example, in the first century A.D. (according to some sources, the third century) the king of Hadhramaut concluded an alliance with the king of Saba against the Aksum kingdom. Hadhramaut is also known to have been allied with Saba and Aksum against the Himyarite kingdom in the second century A.D In the fourth century Hadhramaut was conquered by the Himyarites and was incorporated into the Himyarite kingdom.

Islam and the Arabic languages spread throughout Hadhramaut after the arrival of the Arabs in the first half of the seventh century. In the seventh and eighth centuries the region became one of the first areas to be embraced by the Kharijite movement.

Hadhramaut was ruled by Oman until the mid-11th century, when it was incorporated into the Yemenite states. In the early 19th century it was invaded by the Wahhabis. In 1888, Great Britain established a protectorate over Quaiti, the largest state in Hadhramaut, and in 1918 it established a protectorate over the Kathiri state. In the late 1930’s, Hadhramaut was incorporated into the Eastern Aden Protectorate.

As a result of the armed national liberation struggle of the people of Southern Yemen, Hadhramaut in 1967 became part of the independent People’s Republic of Southern Yemen (since 1970, the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen).


, Hadramaut
a plateau region of the S Arabian Peninsula, in SE Yemen on the Indian Ocean; formerly in South Yemen: corresponds roughly to the former East Aden Protectorate. Area: about 151 500 sq. km (58 500 sq. miles)
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The way Ma'arib is handling itself, Hadhramaut in a way too, as well as in Sanaa and some of the northern regions.
Military sources have said that the Hadhramaut Elite Forces spread on a large scale and developed a number of military barriers to cut off the road to the Valley area before Al Qaida militants amid a military air coverage.
On 20th August, the Emirates Red Crescent reopened the Chest and Tuberculosis Centre in the Mukalla district of the Hadhramaut governorate, following its renovation and refurbishment.
In mid-June, a senior military commander announced that the Yemeni army and popular forces would launch large-scale military operations against the Takfiri terrorist groups in Hadhramaut province soon.
YEMEN'S CRUDE OIL PRODUCTION (in '000 b/d) Operators & Blocks 1H 2002 9Jun2012 14Jun2014 Hadhramaut Exports Output Output Output PetroMasila (ex-Nexen), Block 14 250,000 40,000 50,000 Total, E.
HSAG's factory in Hadhramaut started up in 1996, producing polyurethane flexible foam.
In 2004 it became attached to the Hadhramaut Governorate, which is much closer to the island than Aden (although the nearest governorate was the Al Mahrah Governorate).
In spite of the importance of this connection, in which the Indian Ocean has acted as the historical conduit, little has been published on the wider political and economic contexts of this relationship, except for some studies on the role of religion and the diaspora from the South Arabian region of the Hadhramaut (the Hadhramis) in this Indian Ocean network.
Antar A, a citizen from Hadhramaut, said: "We have been stuck here in front of the embassy for over 15 days without a solution.
The failed attempt to rescue the hostage took place on November 26 at a cave complex in the remote Hadhramaut province.
It is effectively divided into at least four segments: the north where Houthis form the biggest armed group; Aden and part of the south, where the secessionists of the Al-Hirak movement have most of the guns; the Hadhramaut, where jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda are on the rampage; and finally, a few isolated pockets where tribal chiefs still exercise some authority.
The other runs in the restive province of Hadhramaut.