Hadrian's Wall

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Hadrian's Wall,

ancient Roman wall, 73.5 mi (118.3 km) long, across the narrow part of the island of Great Britain from Wallsend on the Tyne River to Bowness at the head of Solway Firth. It was mainly built from c.A.D. 122 to 126 under Emperor Hadrian and was extended by Emperor Severus a century later. The wall demarcated the northern boundary and defense line of Roman Britain. Fragments of the wall, 6 ft (1.8 m) high and 8 ft (2.4 m) thick, and many of the "mile stations" (stone blockhouses along the wall constructed every Roman mile) remain. Hadrian's Wall, which has been preserved, is one of the largest and most significant remains of the Roman occupation.
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Duncan Wise, national park visitor development manager, said: "The transformation of our visitor facilities at Walltown Country Park is an important step towards our vision of creating a multi-site dark skies observatory based around Hadrian's Wall and at The Sill.
"We're thrilled to name Hadrian's Wall one of the UK's very best sights - it's a phenomenal feat of engineering, and the sections that remain are a true testament to Roman ambition and tenacity." |Lonely Planet's Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist is published at PS19.99
English Heritage's Watchers on the Wall will be at the main four Roman sites along Hadrian's Wall from this week until the final series ends later in the year.
These 'Romans' would walk the length of Hadrian's Wall in aid of the Cancer Relief Fund.
Roman centurian enthusiast Joe Jackson at Hadrian's Wall in Gisland eats a burger made from a 1500-year-old recipe
BHF organiser Gizem Fowler, said: "Hadrian's Wall Hike is the perfect way to support the nation's heart charity, save lives and improve your own heart health at the same time."
And the possibilities are endless when you consider all that Hadrian's Wall Country can offer, too.
Nigel Mills, director of world heritage and access for the Hadrian's Wall Trust, said the discovery of a Roman temple as well as the settlement that developed around the fort were an important part of the Roman Empire and plans are in place to begin excavating civilian buildings.
The award winning Hadrian's Wall Bus provides a picturesque, relaxing and cost effective way to tour the famous Roman monument which spans the north of England through Cumbria and the North East and stops at all of the major attractions, towns and cities on a daily route.
The pan has been described by experts as a ``very rare find''.Until the discovery of this pan,only two other examples were known with inscriptions naming forts on Hadrian's Wall -the Rudge Cup, discovered in Wiltshire in 1725,and the Amiens Patera, found in Amiens in 1949.
Archaeologists are excited because the names of four forts located at the western end of Hadrian's Wall - Bowes, Drumburgh, Stanwix and Castlesteads - are engraved on the vessel.
Now, as it approaches its final season on April 14, English Heritage has stationed Game of Thrones guides, complete with black cloaks and shields - reminiscent of the Night's Watch on Martin's ice wall - at its Roman bases along Hadrian's Wall.