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Further statistics revealed at the Tribunal yesterday show that 30 more haemophiliacs were infected by blood products than previously known.
Health Minister Susan Deacon met representatives of the Haemophiliac Society yesterday and promised a full inquiry and a report for a Parliamentary committee within a month.
After seeing almost 1,000 of their friends, brothers, fathers and sons die from the illnesses, haemophiliacs want answers.
One of the major risks a haemophiliac runs is the fact that they could have a large haemorrhage into a muscle or joint.
For three years The Journal and Haemophilia Action UK have demanded compensation for the victims of hepatitis C and a public inquiry into how and why contaminated blood products were allowed into Britain to kill 78 haemophiliacs in the North-East - and more than 800 nationwide.
Some 220 haemophiliacs caught HIV and Hepatitis C from blood products during the 1980s.
Campaigners said about 365 haemophiliacs and up to 1200 other people were infected.
Instead of answers to their long-ignored questions and the promise of a full and independent public inquiry, haemophiliacs are today receiving letters advising them of the CJD risk.
One haemophiliac sent a letter has called for an independent inquiry into the contamination of the UK blood supply by a variety of diseases, including vCJD and HIV.
It comes after 500 haemophiliacs were contaminated with blood-borne viruses, including HIV.
The revelation comes as an independent inquiry is examining the deaths of nearly 2,000 haemophiliacs who were exposed to HIV or Hepatitis C through contaminated blood.
Mr Longstaff's brother Stephen, also a haemophiliac, died 19 years earlier from HIV contracted from infected blood collected in America.