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In his new biography The Life & Times of Jersey City Mayor Frank Hague: "I Am the Law" (The History Press) author Leonard Vernon reexamines Hague s deeds, prompting a new understanding of his life.
In what's being described as a "shift in attitude" by The New York Times , British foreign secretary William Hague appears to be nudged by France to consider a deal to allow dictator Muammar Qaddafi to remain in Libya in exchange for relinquishing power.
* With the closing of the four Hague cases in Macedonian Parliament and the arrest of Goran Hadzic, the last war crimes suspect wanted by the Hague Tribunal, the Hague Tribunal closed the Balkan chapter.
Dubai Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan received his UK counterpart William Hague who is on a tour of the Middle East and North Africa.
The Israeli government expressed its appreciation on Thursday for a pledge by visiting British Foreign Secretary William Hague that promises to amend a controversial law which threatens Israeli officials with arrest during visits to London, reported pan-Arab daily AL QUDS AL ARABI online Friday.
The Mail on Sunday and Sunday Telegraph yesterday claimed that Mr Hague had spent two nights in Bahrain on an unscheduled trip in January with now-former adviser Chris Myers.
OF course, he wasn't having sex with him but that William Hague fair took a shine to his young hirsute male assistant.
WILLIAM Hague took Christopher Myers on a taxpayerfunded trip to Afghanistan - months before appointing him as an aide.
FOREIGN SECRETARY William Hague said yesterday his decision to publicly deny speculation about a gay affair with an aide was "not an easy thing to do".
Summary: Business as usual today for William Hague after issuing an extraordinarily personal statement denying speculation over a gay relationship.
A Google search of the name of William Hague in the first hours after he took office offered the autocomplete "William Shatner Star Trek" and "William Hurt".