Hague Tribunal

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Hague Tribunal,

popular name for the Permanent Court of Arbitration established in 1899 by a convention of the First Hague Peace Conference to facilitate arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution between states. Its headquarters are at The Hague, the Netherlands. In 2016 there were 119 members adhering to the tribunal's conventions.

Each member nation may appoint to the court up to four jurists versed in international law. A case is initiated when two or more nations sign a compromise, an agreement to submit a dispute to arbitration. The disputants may either select arbitrators from the panel to hear their case or they may have two arbitrators choose an umpire before whom the hearing will be held. The tribunal also maintains a list of arbitrators who specialize in the environment and natural resources. Tribunals sit at The Hague unless another place is specified in the compromise. The Hague Tribunal is administered by the International Bureau, which provides administrative support and has custody of archives, and by the Administrative Council, which is composed of the diplomatic envoys of member nations accredited to the Netherlands and shapes the policy of the organization.

Important cases include the final settlement (1904) of the Venezuela ClaimsVenezuela Claims.
In 1902, due to civil strife and to gross mismanagement during the administration of Cipriano Castro, Venezuelan finances were chaotic. Great Britain, Germany, and Italy were determined to seek redress for unpaid loans and sent a joint naval expedition to the
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, the North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Arbitration (1910) between the United States and Great Britain, the territorial dispute (1998) between Yemen and Eritrea over islands in the Red Sea, the Eritean-Ethiopian boundary dispute (2002) and war damages claims (2009), and the determination of the boundaries of the contested Abyei region of Sudan (2009). After World War I the Hague Tribunal lost most of its importance to the World CourtWorld Court,
popular name of the Permanent Court of International Justice, established pursuant to Article 14 of the Covenant of the League of Nations. The protocol establishing it was adopted by the Assembly of the League in 1920 and ratified by the requisite number of states
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, which was in 1945 superseded by the International Court of JusticeInternational Court of Justice,
principal judicial organ of the United Nations, established 1946 by chapter 14 of the UN Charter. It superseded the Permanent Court of International Justice (see World Court), and its statute for the most part repeats that of the former tribunal.
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. Unlike the International Court of Justice, the tribunal also hears cases between a nation and a private party.

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In laying bare the political dynamics and miscalculations about the region, Hartmann has used the Hague tribunal as a revealing microcosm.
It is argued that the Hague tribunal is important not only for its capacity adequately to confront the events in the former Yugoslavia, but also in terms of a growing perception that its success or failure will determine the fate of the still unrealized project of establishing a permanent international criminal court.
Kenya is a member of the Hague tribunal which in 2009 & 2010 issued two arrest warrants for Bashir on ten counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.
According to Luka Misetic, the defense attorney of Croatian General Gotovina who has recently been liberated by the Hague Tribunal, Prosecutor Carla de Ponte wished to distribute responsibility for the war crimes in the territory of former Yugoslavia equally to all the parties involved.
Speaking to FNA, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Taysir Khaled pointed to the approval of new Jewish settlement construction activities in East Quds and the West Bank, and underlined that the case should be referred to the UN Security Council and The Hague tribunal in a bid to be halted.
The arrests and transfers to the Hague Tribunal of Serbian war crime
Hristo Ivanovski from Dnevnik comments that the Hague Tribunal returned four cases connected to the 2001 conflict to the Macedonian courts, but the Government made a political decision these cases to be amnestied.
In other words, considering that the Hague Tribunal did not launch proceedings, the cases fall under the amnesty law.
The arrest was "the result of the full co-operation of Serbia with The Hague tribunal," he said.
Barroso was in Belgrade Thursday where he stressed explicitly that Serbia needs to cooperate with the Hague Tribunal for the arrest and handing over of Gen.
Campbell only appeared at The Hague tribunal after being threatened with jail if she refused to give evidence.
After this inquiry has concluded the charge of illegal aggression and crimes against humanity committed by Blair, Bush, and any others involved should be heard at the Hague Tribunal.