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(hī`kō`) or


(hoi`hou`), city (1994 est. pop. 364,700), Hainan island, capital of Hainan prov., China. A seaport on Hainan Strait, it is the largest city on the island and an agricultural and light industrial center, with food-processing establishments, textile mills, and engineering works. The opening of the island in 1982 to foreign trade and tourism stimulated the economy, but speculation led to economic setbacks in the 1990s. Haikou has an airport.



a city in China, in the northern part of Hainan Tao, in Kwangtung Province. Population, more than 100,000 (1970). The economic center of Hainan Tao, Haik’ou is a seaport and a high-way junction. Industry is represented by shipbuilding, ship repairing, and the manufacture of engines, agricultural implements, chemical products, rubber goods, building materials, and textiles. Haik’ou also has a food-processing industry, which produces canned goods, sugar, tea, and coconut oil.

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The Haikou Marathon, boasting an improved course and upgraded services, will start in the picturesque, landmark Meishe River Fengxiang Wetland Park, which embodies the city's efforts to repair its ecosystem.
The Group's development strategy of entering into property investment and develop business was justified, as after the Chinese Lunar New Year of 2017, the land premium and prices of real estates in Haikou rocket along the domestic residential needs.
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Haikou Meilan International Airport has received its 5-Star Regional Airport Rating by Skytrax, the international air transport rating organisation, the airport said.
In a ceremony at the Town Hall on Friday, Director General Haikou Foreign Affairs Office Mr Han Bin and DCO Mohammad Usman Younas signed a letter of intent to develop friendly exchanges and cooperation between Lahore and Haikou city.
Editors Chen, Li, Shena, and Jiang present students, academics, and professionals in a variety of fields with a three-volume collection of papers selected from research presented at the fourth International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Building Materials, held in May of 2014 in Haikou, China.
Located on a 136 hectare island, the Haikou resort is expected to open in 2018.
The luxury hotel operator, a member of Dubai Holding, has signed management agreements to run The Jumeirah Haikou Resort, the Jumeirah Wuhan, and Jumeirah Nanjing.
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