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see halakahhalakah
or halacha
[Heb.,=law], in Judaism, the body of law regulating all aspects of life, including religious ritual, familial and personal status, civil relations, criminal law, and relations with non-Jews.
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Halaka, who is also a cop with Strathclyde, and Winters both deny religiously provoked breach of the peace.
Le dignitaire se definit au contraire comme un donneur pour acceder a la charge de halaka, tout homme est contraint, dans le systeme traditionnel, a se dessaisir de ses biens au profit de la communaute dans le cadre de fetes ostentatoires.
Certaines preseances sont observees ; les halaka ont droit aux places principales ; si un sacrificateur est present, il occupe la place d'honneur.
Les chemins de la loi (woga oge) qu'empruntent ka'o et halaka participent de cette geographie qui donne sa signification aux espaces publics.
La atraccion de Benjamin por el comunismo fue una de las obras maestras y fatales de su vacilacion secreta ante la ley, de esa duda talmudica entre la Halaka y la Haggada.
The idea of current American reform congregations which deviate from the Halaka were generally not official issues in Imperial of Weimar Germany.
Halaka said that workers in the tourism sector have not had their 7% allowance agreed by the government for local and private sector workers as a consequence of this year's crisis in the sector.
Halaka stated that the syndicate will demand that hotels pay at least part of the allowance in case it is claimed that the current situation does not allow for an allowance to be paid, especially since some hotels in Egypt already do so.
BEIRUT: "I love making beautiful work," says John Halaka, "but I want to make beautiful work that bugs the s**t out of the audience."A self-described "artist activist" Halaka is preparing a lecture on his current work in progress, "Portraits of Desire and Denial."
Born in Egypt and of Palestinian descent, Halaka regularly spends his summers in Palestine.
It's alleged that at 3am, after a nightclub closed, Halaka, 31, and Winters, 43, were involved in a disturbance near the taxi rank in Mill Street.
Halaka, of Falkirk, and Winters, of Rhynd, near Perth, were arrested and taken to divisional police HQ in Perth.