Haldane Mission of 1912

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Haldane Mission of 1912


a diplomatic mission to Berlin undertaken by the British secretary of state for war, Lord Haldane.

During the mission, which lasted from Feb. 8 to 11, 1912, British ruling circles sought to explore possibilities for a British-German agreement that would recognize British naval superiority. If Germany would cease to compete with Britain in building up naval armaments, the British government was prepared to satisfy some of Germany’s colonial demands in Africa. The Germans sought to conclude a separate British-German agreement pledging each side to neutrality should the other find itself involved in a war; such an agreement would have amounted to Great Britain’s withdrawal from the Entente.

No agreement was reached, however. Lord Haldane’s negotiations with the German imperial chancellor, T. von Bethmann-Hollweg, underlined the profound differences between Great Britain and Germany and led to an intensification of their naval rivalry.


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