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1. Offensive a person whose parents are of different races, esp the offspring of a White person and an American Indian
2. of, relating to, or designating offspring of people or animals of different races or breeds
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the offspring produced from interracial marriages. In anthropology, half-breeds usually occupy an intermediate position between the mixed races. In America the offspring of a white person and an American Indian are called half-breeds.

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The Blackfeet having trouble on the South with the Americans, (5) and the Crees having the same with the half Breeds on the North and East, (6) the above Treaty of Peace has been threatened, but should a rupture occur (as it may any day from a case of horse stealing, &c.) what are the Crees to do for food?
Of course the Half Breeds would strongly object to being excluded from the Buffalo, but it is better to offend a few than have an Indian war in which many innocent people would be murdered.
Welsh Half Breed sales: Sept 10, Oriel House, St Asaph; Sept 25, Oriel House, St Asaph; Sept 18, Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells.
The half breed was sitting next to me and taking my six-shooter drew a bead on "Old Meat in the Pot" and told me not to be afraid.
We felt that we could depend on her and the half breed. He confirmed her statement, and we decided that the best thing we could do would be to get away as quietly as possible, as the Indians were making bad medicine for us.
"Then he said my children would be half breeds and that our marriage would never be recognised in Ireland or the US.