Halikarnas Balikçisi

Hali̇karnas Balikçisi


(pen name of Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçh). Born 1886 in Constantinople; died Oct. 13, 1973, in İzmir; buried in Bodrum. Turkish writer.

Halikarnas Bahkçisi graduated from Robert College in Constantinople in 1904 and from Oxford University in 1908. He contributed to various periodicals. For publishing an antiwar short story he was exiled to Bodrum and held under police surveillance from 1924 to 1926. He moved to İzmir after 1947. The life of Turkish fishermen, divers, and seamen is realistically depicted in his short stories and novels, including From the Shores of the Aegean (1939), Hail, Mediterranean! (1947), The Smiling Island (1957), and Uluç Reis (1962). The author’s impressions of Bodrum were reflected in the autobiographical novel Blue Exile (1961). His writings also include the books on folklore Anatolian Legends (1954) and Gods of Anatolia (1955).


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