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A corridor or a passageway in a house, hotel, office, institutional or commercial building.
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What does it mean when you dream about a hallway?

Hallways often symbolize the unconscious passageways through which people travel to either life or death. They also represent a new level of consciousness or a new experience, as well as a journey into the unknown. (See also Corridor).

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A corridor; a passageway.
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For example, students were reminded to walk along the appropriate side of the hallway before exiting class.
Although Hallway did not appear in the publication, it captures the intimate view of Harlem life portrayed there.
Most importantly, it has wide hallways and doorways.
Our backpacks have been searched while we were in the hallway, and our personal belongings are scattered on our desks.
The hallway is a useful analogy for talking about organizational learning.
Smith provides a map to help you find your way through the building's labyrinth of hallways, but keep in mind that the place seems to have been designed to confuse the enemy.
There are some fantastic coat racks and umbrella stands on the market ranging from vintage designs to really contemporary models, which are not only practical, but really add to the decor of your hallway.
Baron Design, an interior design firm for lobby, hallway, and common areas in high-end cooperatives, condominiums, and real-estate developments, has found that apartments can increase in value by a least 10 percent if the lobby and hallways are remodeled and up-to-date.
What's the deal: Immaculate modern home that extends to a reception hallway with WC, stairwell access to upper apartments and entry to the lounge, dining kitchen and TV room.
A great buy and a joyous first impression for your hallway.
UNDER FOOT: Tiling can give an effective feel to an entrance hall YOU'RE not alone if you walk into your home and your spirits wilt as you're greeted by a jumble of coats, shoes and bags, as the hallway is generally the most neglected area in the home.