halogen lamp

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tungsten-halogen lamp

A tungsten-filament incandescent lamp which is filled with a gas containing halogens; the envelope, made of quartz or other material that can be subjected to high-temperature, is small compared with standard lamps of equivalent wattage; formerly known as quartz-iodine lamp.
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aspx) to its website that uses actual photos to show how LED sight glass lights make it easier to observe chemical and pharmaceutical processes through a sight glass, compared to halogen lights.
A cluster of three bulbs drawing a total of 9 watts of electricity--from a traditional wall outlet--will deliver diffused illumination equivalent to a 40-watt halogen light bulb.
But with the popularity of halogen light bulbs, track lighting has made a remarkable recovery, thanks in great part to IKEA's inexpensive track lighting that features tiny, halogen bulbs that can be turned to illuminate a coffee table, artwork or provide general lighting for a room, notes Goldmacher.
Using a combination of infrared and halogen light, the Toastmaster Lightwave Oven aims to provide faster and more uniform cooking with no preheating required.
Options include two flexible-arm, 20-W halogen light sources, a ring light; or a through-the-lens BoosterBox.
A halogen light bulb ignited a passenger's bag during a flight on 28 September 2003 between Dubai and Singapore which forced the aircraft into an emergency landing in Chennai, India.
Valo Instant Track Lighting is a new system that can be set up in 15 minutes to provide clear halogen light for illuminating paintings, photographs, sculpture and other art, according to company officials.
The Halux[R] R 35/2 FX halogen light is available with "2-step" spot and flood lamp capabilities, a dimming range of 20 to 100 percent, color correction filters for enhanced performance, and a variety of arm styles and mounting options for virtually any medical/dental application.
Internally, the problem of dim lighting in refrigerated trailers is overcome by combining a halogen light with a fluorescent circuit.
A new patent-pending Quad lighting design provides a bright halogen light source instead of the conventional low-intensity colored LEDs found in most systems today.
Sunscreen and protective clothing can help minimize exposure, and plastic devices are available that block UV emissions from fluorescent or halogen light bulbs.
Layout and drill the holes for the halogen light fixtures (Photo 4), the touch latches (Fig.