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, Pol. Galicja, Ukr. Halychyna, Rus. Galitsiya, historic region (32,332 sq mi/83,740 sq km), SE Poland and W Ukraine, covering the slopes of the N Carpathians and plains to the north and bordering on Slovakia in the south.
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, Poland and Ukraine.
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Nova Galicia, locally called Nova Halychyna, and Upa (a post-WWII settlement whose name commemorated the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [UPA]), are the only settlements in Parana with secular Ukrainian names (Nahachewsky 2011).
But why talk about the people when we can even find priests who will tell us that our Church in Canada is less ours than that same Church in Halychyna.
In Halychyna, once the general consciousness and spirituality of the people was raised, so was their national consciousness .