hamamelis virginiana

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Shrub/tree 10-25 ft (3-8m) Light colored odd-looking flowers with super thin wild shrivelled petals that look like a yellow spider. Bark and leaves are astringent, anti-oxidant tea used for bowel conditions like hemorrhoids, diarrhea, inflammation of mucus membranes, lung conditions, bronchitis, heavy menstrual periods, internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, varicose veins, mouthwash, bleeding gums. Applied externally for skin conditions, itching, bruises, bleeding wounds, insect bites, sore muscles, eye problems, hemorrhoids. Bottled liquid witch hazel sold in stores has toxic chemicals and does not contain many of the healing properties. Make your own !
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The most famous American species, Hamamelis virginiana has become invaluable as stock on which to graft more ornamental cultivars.
Among others, this list includes Agastache scrophulariaefolia, Aristolochia serpentaria, Carya laciniosa, Hamamelis virginiana, Hybanthus concolor, Ilex verticillata, Lobelia cardinalis, Huperzia lucidula, Lycopus virginicus, Triosteum aurantiacum, Triphora trianthophora, and Ulmus thomasii.
The herbal remedy, Hamamelis virginiana (witchhazel) can be invaluable for cases where bleeding is a feature.